...Let’s understand why over 95% of the people fail in building a stable online business? 

The main reason for that based on my experience is… They are not able to focus on doing the right things to grow their online income, or even to start making any money on the first place!

For example: If they are learning about Affiliate Marketing… 

…They keep purchasing every new product to learn the latest new tactics to generate traffic for free to their affiliate links …

...Or they may jump in to this new software to help them automate their list building!

And they keep doing this for months, or even years, without any results to show off for!
I Call This Situation (S.O.S)...
S.O.S is "Shiny Opject Syndrome"

S.O.S. is... "Shiny Object Syndrome"

With S.O.S there is only two possible results: 

1) Either you totally quit after a while and give up on your dreams

2) You just keep doing what you are doing and waste more money and time.

... May be that is YOU!...
Maybe you started getting frustrated about this situation…

If you are Total Newbie just getting started …

… Then you should be aware of that, so you don’t fall in to the same path of struggling and wasting your time and money!
So, What is The Answer?...

...What business model to pick? ...And what strategies to use to build this business?

First of All...
… You must Build an Online Business… Not find a way to Make Money Online!

Be aware that the concept of "Making Money Online" is for those people who are not really serious about this…

… And they don’t have any clear path on how they want to do it…

No specific business model … no specific plans and strategies! …

They just want to make money!

 On The Other Hand...
… Building an Online Business have a completely different mindset…
>> They pick specific business model …

 >> They focus on one project at the time …
 >> They know how to set up realistic goals …

 >> They are ready to spend money buying only the important tools and training that will help them in their business…

 >>They are willing to spend time and effort to learn the most important skills they need to grow their business

 >> And they are consistent action takers.

The Next Question...

...What Online Business Model To Pick?
Actually they are many! …And most of them work, if followed the path of building an Online Business.

But still not all of those business models are created equal!

• Some may include a lot of risk.

• Overhead expenses.

• Technical and payment processing issues that you need to overcome.

• And very long time to master the required skills before you start making money.

• Low profit margin.

• Dealing with customer service.

• Takes a lot of time and money to scale up.

• Outsourcing many tasks.

• Low profit margin.

 Of course you can make it with any business model, if you focus, learn the necessary skills, and deal with it as a real business.

But there is one online business model where:

>> No dealing with customer service

>> No worries about processing payments

>> No hassling with shipping and delivering the product.

>> No need to deal with suppliers

>> No high start up cost

>> High profit margin

This Business Model is...

"Affiliate Marketing"

Affiliate Marketing is - by far - the most easy and profitable way to build a full time income online!

...It is very simple… All what you have to do is:

1) Find a good product that other people want

2) Join their affiliate program

3) Promote this product

4) Make a commission for every sale.

 Commissions can be one time low ticket, high ticket, or Recurring Commissions!

But, in order to do Affiliate Marketing properly you must know how to...

- Pick a profitable niche

- Find high quality offers to sell.

- Set up a marketing funnel (Automated process to sell online)

- Provide value and build relationship with your prospects

- Learn the most effective ways to Generate Traffic (Visitors) to your marketing funnel

And today you can Learn all of this!...


Residual Cash Formual is a video course that will teach you how to create 'Affiliate Marketing Funnels' to convert your traffic to sales!

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Here's What You Are Going To Learn Inside: 


•    What is affiliate marketing and how it works.
•    Different types of affiliate programs 
•    How to make residual monthly income with affiliate marketing
•    Types of recurring commissions affiliate programs
•    The Done For You funnels option

Affiliate Marketing Success Rules

•  Learn the Main 7 Success Rules for affiliate marketing  
•  Learn the 8th Golden Rule for affiliate marketing success. 

Getting Started

•  How to pick profitable niche market
•  How to pick an affiliate offer
•  The concept of Marketing Funnel
•  The 5 types of affiliate marketing funnels and which one is the best.


Lead Magnet & Bonuses

• Different way to create high quality Lead Magnet Offer to get people to opt-in to your funnel
• How to boost your sales conversion by offering bonuses.

Creating Your Marketing Funnel


In this module you are going to learn in details from A – Z how to build your marketing funnel. No any technical skills required.

Email Autoresponder

•   How to set your autoresponder (Email Marketing System)
•   Adding welcome message and follow up series
•   List segmentation (Freebies and Buyers)


Traffic Generation

•   Traffic Quality Concept
•   Tracking & Optimization
•   Traffic Sources (Get Access to Multiple Traffic Training Courses)



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